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we have an important announcement to make

It is with the most profound sadness that we announce the closing of our Mums & Tums Canada location. The vast changes that have come about due to Covid-19 have forced us to re-evaluate so many things and sadly, it has become apparent to us that our location providing in-person support and services is no longer able to be provided at this time.

That doesn't mean we won't continue to fight to serve you, our community, in new and evolving ways. You may see a major change in our services we offer, or the way in which we offer them. But our hope and dedication has and always will be to help you to find and see the power within yourself to have the birth experience YOU deserve, even in the face of extreme adversity. This time in history is an important one. And each of you giving birth right now are playing an incredibly vital role in the future evolution of what the birthing landscape is going to look like. So please know that while you might  see us temporarily be more quiet in our efforts to pivot and re-build in a way that can meet all of the new and already existing needs of birthing individuals in this community, we remain in solidarity with you and are still available to help refer you or connect you to the perfect support professionals you could possibly want or need.

This is not a permanent goodbye. This is just a "see you on the other side" of what we will be spending some serious time on re-creating for you. Please stay in touch with us. We love to serve you and hear from you.

All Our Love,

The Entire Mums & Tums Care Team

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