Dr. Karen Hudes is our friendly neighbourhood chiropractor. She's been in practice for over 17 years - most of those at her Yonge and Sheppard location in Toronto, ON. She is also a mom to an 8-year-old son, who is really into hockey, she loves Wonder Woman, and she is especially passionate about helping people to understand their bodies, recover from injuries or pain, and achieve wellness and optimal health.


She has a family practice and sees people from every age group with problems ranging from pain in the big toe, achy knees, colds and flu, back pain and sciatica, headaches and migraines just to name a few.  But she truly loves to help pre- and post-partum moms with the aches and pains of pregnancy and breast feeding and is especially passionate about women’s health. Basically if it hurts, her goal is that she can help you fix it and then keep it from coming back.  


She uses a variety of hands on tools in her practice, including deep tissue techniques, facial release and hands on adjustments, exercise and core stabilization, etc. She also treats people who don’t like what they think of traditional chiropractic treatment. One of her philosophies is that when she is treating someone, it is their body, so THEY are in charge – there is always an open line of communication and dialogue with her so she can change her approach if needed and still get results.  Dr. Hudes looks forward to helping to answer questions and help our amazing community by providing education about how we can be our healthiest selves for the longest time possible.  Saving the world, one spine at a time!