We believe so strongly in a birthing individual's ability to know what's best for them and their baby, that we built an entire facility with all the loving and knowledgeable, evidence-based support they could possibly need.

Here are some of the key ways that we focus our care to meet the needs of our amazing clients!


At Mums & Tums Canada, we have built an impeccable healthcare team to suit every expectant parent's needs or wishes. Part of that vision has been to serve those in our community by providing the most up-to-date, evidence-based, safe and approved primary healthcare, as well as support care because we believe every expectant parent deserves just that. Get access to everything from a midwife, to an IBCLC, to an acupuncturist, to a nutritionist and much more!

professional birth support

Our team of Labour & Birth Doulas have such a large range of skills and expertise, that we guarantee anyone will find their perfect doula with us! We have a unique appreciation for the fact that who you hire is sometimes even more important than whether you hire someone to support you through this life changing journey, and so we guarantee that if you're not completely over the moon with your experience with one of our chosen doulas, that we will refund your investment to you. To meet our doulas and request a FREE consultation with one of them, click


postpartum care

Giving birth is an amazing thing, and a powerful experience. But it can also be an extremely tough one as well. They don't call it 'labour' for nothing! At Mums & Tums Canada, we don't believe support for a new parent should stop at the birth experience. There is so much adjustment that's needed after one gives birth, whether it be for breastfeeding issues or just adjusting to having a new baby's sleep schedule take over your household. Whether it be a first baby, or a 5th baby. Our wonderful and highly trained team of postpartum doulas, IBCLC's and healthcare professionals, can be there to create your village for you in just the perfect way, something that we find is unfortunately lacking in most North American societies these days. To request your FREE consultation with one of our team members, click


fertility support

With more and more families reporting that they are suffering the horrible losses of their pregnancies, or that they cannot get pregnant at all, we felt there was a huge need within our community to support these families in many ways that can give more peace, success and health in their journeys. Our facility has built a unique, one-of-a-kind Fertility Team that boasts a 90% success rate within the first year of treatment, and we are extremely proud to be able to offer this team and treatment plan to you, whether you want to just make sure you don't experience any fertility issues, or if you have already experienced issues and want a more natural, non-invasive approach that has a solid, positive success rate, this team is for YOU! Find out more



We believe very strongly in supporting families because families are our future. The health and wellbeing of a family directly affects the generations to come, and our approach is to protect, support and build that unit up in every way we possibly can. We hope you will join us at what we hope will be your home away from home. Whether it be to just drop in for a cup of tea or coffee to get our of the house with your little one, or you need a specific class or service from us, we are here to be there for you in every way! Welcome to our family!